Small Changes Bring Big Sustainability Rewards at Guardian Walker Street

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Sustainability is a huge part of everyday life at Guardian Walker Street. After being awarded North Sydney Council’s Green School grant in July 2016, this childcare centre has been putting the grant to good use.

Since receiving the grant, the team has purchased a small rainwater tank to place in their yard and a CLO’ey compost unit that turns up to 4kg of food waste per day into nutrient-rich compost for their gardens. This allows them to use rain water to care for their outdoor areas and compost to help their veggies grow all while reducing water usage and food wastage.

Sustainability has always been important at Guardian Walker Street, with a focus on these key goals:

  • Reduce consumption of resources eg. electricity, water and paper
  • Reduce the amount of waste they generate
  • Educate and inspire children on the topic of sustainability
  • Influence staff and families to practice sustainability in their daily lives

A commitment to sustainability

The team at Guardian Walker Street has achieved a number of great results just by making small changes in the Centre. Installing energy efficient T5 fluorescent lighting, purchasing energy efficient appliances and using recycled products in their arts and crafts are just some of the changes they’ve made throughout the years.

We believe exposing children to good sustainability practices now will help shape the environment of tomorrow. Our team is very proud that our Centre is a great example of that!

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