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Educator in the Spotlight: Rosemary Green From East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre

1st December 2017

Educator at the beach

To say that Rosemary Green is an institution at East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre would be an understatement. Having been an educator at this Melbourne early learning centre for 12 years, Rosemary has been a part of the development and care of hundreds of children. Recently, at our Victorian Educator Awards night, Rosemary was one of the recipients of our Educator of the Year award – a very well-deserved accolade!

We take two minutes with Rosemary to find out a bit about her time at East Ivanhoe, some career highlights and what she likes to do when she’s not at the centre.

Tell us a bit about your career background.

Before childcare early education I worked in retail and did clerical work for many years. My husband and I had three children. When they were very young I was actively involved in the playgroup network as well as running a children’s programme in our local church. After our children started school I decided I would like to continue to work with children and so I applied for a job at East Ivanhoe. Twelve years later I’m still enjoying being here.

Why is early childhood education important to you?

After having my own children and reading and learning about childhood development, I had a greater understanding of the importance of early education and how children learn so much in their early years of life. I wanted to be able to contribute and support parents as part of a caring community.

How did it feel winning the coveted Educator of the Year award?

I felt very honoured. There are so many amazing educators in our company who all do incredible jobs in their centres. They are dedicated to their children’s learning, they assist families and they work together for great outcomes every day. So many people could have won this award and so I feel very privileged.

How long have you been at East Ivanhoe for?

Twelve years.

We’re sure you’ve had many highlights in your time at East Ivanhoe. Can you tell us about one?

We had a young girl in the kinder room who loved being on the swing but couldn’t swing herself. Over a six week period I worked with her, explaining how it worked and physically running backwards and forwards and showing her when to put her feet forward and when to pull them back.

One day I walked into the yard and there she was swinging on that swing like I had never seen before with the biggest smile on her face. I was so excited I started dancing and cheering her on with loud clapping and praise. It became quite contagious and everyone in the yard applauded her. It was the joy of seeing a goal achieved.

What can we typically find you doing on a weekend?

During the football season my husband and I enjoy watching our son play on Saturday afternoons. We also like to go and watch the Tigers play; usually at the MCG. I love spending time in the garden. I enjoy spending time with my adult daughters. I love going to Bridge Church in Richmond every Sunday morning.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you.

I love to sing a lot even though I’m not that good at it. I have a white miniature poodle who follows me everywhere. I’m a fan of Queen Victoria and British royalty.

Learn more about East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre here.

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