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After the children at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce showed an interest in writing letters, the Preschoolers’ room saw the addition of a writing station complete with a bright red Australian post box. A discussion quickly arose between the children and the educators about how letters travel and make their way to our homes.

Centre Manager, Belle Agresta-Sylvester shared this lovely story about Evelyn and her own letter writing experience.

This morning upon Evelyn’s arrival, she pointed to the red post box on the bench and asked, “What’s that?”

Sandi, one of our educators, explained that it was post box. Evelyn continued to express her curiosity and asked, “What does it do?”

Sandi informed Evelyn that it is used to place letters in so that they can be given to the postman to deliver them to the people on the letters that they are addressed to.

Evelyn yelled out with excitement, “I want to write a letter!”

Fully prepared, Sandi handed Evelyn some paper and she made her way to the writing station where she explained that she was writing her mum a letter.

After a few minutes, Evelyn handed Sandi her paper and explained that she had finished writing her letter and asked to place it into the post box.

Sandi continued to explain to Evelyn the process of delivering mail and said that once a letter is posted in the post box, the postman or postwoman would come and collect the letter to deliver it to the person’s mail box.

Throughout the day, Evelyn continued to show interest in writing letters and placing them in the post box. The educator then placed the post box next to the writing station to give easier access for Evelyn to post her letters.

It’s great to see Evelyn interested in learning about different things that happen in the community and ways of communicating with others.

Educators will continue to support this learning by looking at how letters are structured and the details that a postman would need, such as names, addresses, postcodes and learning about the mailing process.

The writing station at Guardian Early Learning Centre - Bruce

The writing station at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Bruce

What’s next for the post box?

The centre’s plan is to reach out to other Guardian centres to create some pen pals for the preschool room, where Evelyn and the other children will be able to write and send off letters to other centres and receive letters back.

We’re also arranging an excursion to the local post office so that the children can see the process that their letter goes through once it’s collected from the post box.

In exciting news, the Preschoolers have recently been invited to become part of an international pen pal system with a preschool in England.

This will be an amazing opportunity to extend past our local community to the wider world as they have recently been looking at different countries and the world map.

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