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New Year, New Yard at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde

19th April 2017

Children playing outside at Guardian Forde

This early learning centre in Canberra is nestled comfortably in the ACT’s newest eco-friendly suburb, Forde. Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde is surrounded by nature parks and beautiful lakes which provide a perfect backdrop for our centre. And now, we’ve got a brand new yard and art studio!The spacious new yard has been designed to offer the children a variety of challenges. Centre Manager Ashleigh Bellingham notes, “As this is a mixed age space, we have made intentional decisions around the materials we use and where they will be located.”

Children wearing hats and playing outdoor at Guardian Forde

There’s also a shallow creek bed with slow flow tap for children to watch the water trickle down the rocks and stones to the drain, two sandpits, a tan bark multi-use space, split level veggie patch, balance beams and stage, just to name a few. Another bonus? The yard features a tunnel inside a hill! The yard is breathing new life into the centre and the children (and educators!) love it.

As part of our focus on sustainability, we have installed three large rainwater tanks which is used for the sprinkler system and have begun a sustainability specific learning program for the children. We have also introduced small water tanks, worm farms and a split-level veggie patch for both age groups into our yards where children use their watering cans and hose to care for the garden.

Child watering plant at Guardian Forde

An outdoor art studio

We have recently introduced an art studio that’s located in undercover in our outdoor space so children can admire, imagine and be creative while observing and appreciating the benefits of being outdoors. This well-equipped art studio is developing each week and we’re currently working on a project involving clay – a messy but fun experience!

Ashleigh says, “The art studio was created with the underpinning theories around Loris Malaguzzi and Reggio Emilia where the art studio is a space where children can explore every language within them using a multitude of resources.”

What else is happening?

We have also kicked off a healthy eating initiative where we have set up a ‘help yourself’ space in our entrance hall for families to take a bottle of water and a piece of fruit on arrival and departure. It’s perfect for busy parents and helps to promote healthy eating for the children and families in our centre.

We’re also looking after our team of educators here at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde with educators working on developing their own programming and planning spaces. We are also in the midst of creating a ‘mind, body and soul’ space for educators to relax, refresh and research.

In other exciting news, we have just obtained our Exceeding National Quality Standard rating!

As you can see, there’s been a lot going on at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde! With new yards, studios and educator spaces plus a healthy eating initiative, 2017 is already looking Forde-tastic.

Learn more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde

A spacious childcare centre in Canberra, Guardian Early Learning Centre – Forde boasts large indoor and outdoor spaces ideal for growing and inquisitive bodies and minds. With a team of dedicated educators and rich learning environments, children thrive in this safe and welcome early learning centre.

Come and visit our brand new yard and art studio! Book a tour here.

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