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Caring With a Difference at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown

14th February 2017

Guardian Early Learning Centre Camperdown

On arrival at the Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown you are instantly greeted with a sense of peace and tranquillity. Families love the fact that they can immediately escape the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life when they walk in the door.

The centre exudes a sense of calmness and contentment through the nature of the educators and the beautiful space in which your child learns.

Children at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown have open access to bright, nature-inspired spaces, structures and experiences with plenty of room for growing, inquisitive and energetic bodies and minds to play, relax or quietly explore. Here children are encouraged to discover and experiment utilising the various learning environments the centre offers in safety and comfort.

But what really makes this centre special is the educators. They are the lifeblood of the facility and are all active contributors in ensuring their children are continually challenged and cherished. The educators make it a priority to form strong and lasting relationships with their families. They aim to cater for children’s individual routines by practicing consistency between family homes and the centre. Educators place importance on communicating to parents the observed changes as children grow and learn. ‘Collaboration, cooperation, and open communication between home and the centre are key to building a strong foundation for successful development and an enjoyable experience’ explains Abi Rae, the centres early childhood teacher in the pre-school room.

Karen Southall, the Centre Manager at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown is an ardent believer in her educators actively assisting in building educational foundations for the children. Southall believes strongly that ‘children are capable, individuals who are able and curious investigators of the world around us’. She goes on to explain that the educators ‘have a responsibility to foster a desire and interest in the children to explore and question the world around them; and that the experiences they have during these early years will be the fundamental for their learning journey’.

At Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown all educators are also strongly supported and encouraged to continue developing themselves. Centre Manager, Karen Southall states ‘I am passionate about supporting my educators so that they can do the best for all our families’. She notes the ‘strong correlation between families and educators and recognises the ‘importance of ensuring that the children have a positive experience in their early years’.

The centre is located near Parramatta Road, only a short walk from RPA Hospital, and conveniently close to public transport in the CBD area. Open Monday to Friday, 6.30am to 6.30pm at 1 Denison Street, Camperdown Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown also offers street parking available for parents during drop off and pick up times.

Guardian Early Learning Group is Australia’s leading integrated early learning group. Each Guardian centre is encapsulated by a nurturing and stimulating environment for babies and children aged between six weeks to six years. Their facilities inspire a sense of curiosity for adventure and discovery, guided by an expertly developed curriculum and highly trained educators.

The Guardian Early Learning Group Ethos

At Guardian, their passion is to foster a sense of wonder and discovery for the developing mind. They believe that children’s curiosity is ignited by environments, applying a primary focus on creating purposeful, beautiful and naturally inspired indoor and outdoor areas, with spaces for children to explore, learn and develop.

To find out more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Camperdown and to schedule your free tour please contact us on 02 8065 6474 or to find another Guardian Early Learning Group centre here.


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