10th October 2017

Celebrating Halloween With Your Little Monsters (AKA Children)

Halloween is almost upon us (we know, where did the year go?). Sure, it’s a bit American and sugar-filled, but the thing is, children absolutely love this spooky holiday. So rather than simply slapping on a Frozen costume and heading out to ask strangers for candy, we thought we’d encourage creativity of the blood-and-thunder kind.

Check out Guardian’s ideas for getting crafty, dressing up, and adding a ghoulish twist to mealtime.

Creepy Crafts

The thing with Halloween crafts is that anything goes. You don’t have to colour inside the lines or stick to conventional play dough creations. If your monster has two heads and only one eye, all the better – it’s a mutant Cyclops from the depths of Hades. If your children mix all of the paints together to make a charming brown colour that’s cool, too. Sludge is the new black.

This incredible spider hat is a great way for children to count out eight legs and stick them on an easy-to-make headband. You can even take the opportunity to talk about kinds of spiders, how webs are made, and other fun facts about these arachnids.

There’s also a range of free printables available online, as well as hand and foot painting ideas, goggle eye sensory bags, and paper lanterns.

Foul Foods

Everyone likes a good gingerbread skeleton or marshmallow eyeball, but creative cooking can also be done with wholesome meals, too. For example, sultanas can absolutely double as witches warts and apricots become monster scabs. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to create a gangrenous hand out of carrot sticks and broccoli, now’s your chance!

We’re digging these yummy mummy healthy pizzas for dinner, followed by a zombie fruit platter. Pretzels and string cheese make a witchy-good snack, or you can try these freaky sweet potato fries for the children.

If you want to go all out, you can put together this spooky shepherds pie and serve it alongside white chocolate and strawberry Halloween ghosts. Children will love to dig in and get their hands dirty to help!

DIY Dress Ups

Even if you’re not going door-to-door this Halloween, the children can still look fierce in their favourite costumes. Think easy Where’s Wally and bumblebee designs, or DIY dinosaur tales that can be worn long after the lollies have been devoured.

We also love the idea of letting children create their own creepy cape, which might entice some of them away from the standard Batman and Elsa options.

Ghoulish Games

Halloween isn’t complete without a few games to add to the madness of the day. Children will love popping orange balloons to get to the treat inside in this pumpkin patch stomp. You can also get them moving with a Halloween mummy relay (just make sure to buy recycled toilet paper for the wrapping). Finally, if you’re looking for something quieter for your Halloween celebrations, these spider races combine the best of oral sensory play and builds oral motor skills.

Without scaring the little ones too much, some Halloween inspired reading might be just the trick for finishing the day off on a thoughtful note. From the Humbug Witch to a Dr Seuss classic, this list has room on the broom for everyone.

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