Celebrations and Smiles at the ACT Educator Awards Night

ACT Educators celebrating at awards night

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It’s no secret that the people in our centres work hard every day developing young minds, and shaping the world of tomorrow. To celebrate the achievements, efforts and hard work of our teams of ACT Educators, we held a cocktail evening where we ate, danced, and laughed the night away. On the evening we recognised the successes of particular centres and people with some highly coveted awards.

Here are the winners from the night:

Sustainability Award


Gungahlin recently received Exceeding in the Assessment and Rating Report due to their ongoing commitment to embedding sustainable practices in their service. These practices, led by their Sustainability Champion, include children sorting their leftover scraps for composting and their pet worm farm, recycling bins in the service, children tending to their outdoor garden beds, watering and nurturing and their new loose parts section where both families and educators have contributed items for the children to explore. While this centre has a high electricity usage do to being in a corporate building, they have a low usage during the week due to turning off lights and using low amounts of heating and cooling. We also cannot forget their pet bird Marshall Blaze who happens to have his own Instagram account with a staggering 1,187 followers!

Community Connections Award


From the moment this centre opened their doors, Bruce have looked into every opportunity to connect with their families, various charities and local businesses. This is a testament to the team of amazing educators who go above and beyond networking with other education and care providers, creating opportunities and using their time after hours to attend training, social family occasions and support each other with community events. They recently held an art exhibition at their local community centre in which they proudly displayed their children’s ongoing art projects. They have raised thousands of dollars supporting both large fundraisers and supporting local ACT families. They also acknowledge and celebrate the diverse team of educators who are so dedicated to their workplace.

Educators at ACT award night

Embedding Indigenous Perspectives Award

Allara Street

After recognising Allara Street had a way to go regarding the diversity of families, educators and the Aboriginal community, this team of educators went on a mission to promote a greater understanding of Aboriginal ways with their children. They have since created some great partnerships with local Aboriginal people and have truly embedded their learning into their centre. They now make Curriculum decisions that uphold all children’s rights to have their cultures and identities acknowledged and valued. For this team, Indigenous perspectives is part of their everyday routine and one that continues to grow.

two educators on stage

Centre Quality Award


Forrest continues to stand out not only in terms of their indoor and outdoor environments, but through their team of professional and dedicated educators. When you walk through the doors of this centre, you are walking through a place which values children’s rights and values the partnerships they have with not only each other, but with the families who use the space. There are possibilities, items of intrigue and a commitment to professionalism. On a recent visit from someone who Guardian engaged with, he told the Centre Manager that the environments and team of educators provided an ‘elegant choreography to the learning spaces’, this is a true testament to the hard work this team puts into their space every day.

Great Centre Culture Award


The Bruce team continuously show up to out of hours events with such enthusiasm, team work and commitment to Guardian. There is never a dull moment with celebrations occurring all of the time, whether it be Halloween, Father’s Day, Diwali, you name it, this centre will be doing it in a meaningful and respectful way. They also go above and beyond celebrating each other which creates a rich team culture.

Family Partnerships Award


One of the most important things to Guardian is the relationships we have with our educators, environments and most importantly, our families. Wanniassa treats every family who walks through the door like their own. Throughout the centre there are pieces of equipment hand made by families which goes to show how invested their families are. Family appreciation is evident throughout the whole centre through the pictures, cards and gifts which have been given to this dynamic team of educators as a gesture of thanks and appreciation.

Most Outstanding Family Satisfaction Result


This year, Gungahlin came 6th out of over 80 centres in our Parent Satisfaction Survey. Despite their physical challenge of having two levels, Gungahlin have created a centre of belonging and providing a nurturing space for children. Families love sending their children here and are quite often observed having lengthy conversations with Management and the team of incredible educators. They have a very low staff turnover and a therefore have a team who know each other’s strengths and use it to their advantage.

Educator smiling as she receives award

Most Improved Centre Award


Today, Forde continues to stand out due to the team of ACT educators who turn up each day with such enthusiasm, dedication and spirit. It is hard to think this centre ever needed improvement. They have transformed their spaces into places of wonder, learning and engagement which is supported by the documentation of children’s voices, education and family involvement. It is evident that the team work in collaboration with each other and the children to discuss ideas, reflect on practices and work on their continuous improvement.

three educators with their awards

Cook of the Year

Hellen Cooper, Wanniassa

Hellen has been working for Guardian since mid 2016. In that time she has shown reliability, commitment, dedication and hard work. Hellen is always on point with the required documentation and since her move to Wanniassa, has really embraced being around the children. She has often contributed to the centre environment by making resources in her spare time and is a valued member of the team.

Trainee/ASBA student of the Year

Joshua Mario, Forde

Josh began his traineeship at Bruce and has since moved on to Forde where he is a highly valued member of the team. He often looks to his colleagues for advice and to engage in professional conversations regarding the children in his care. Josh is keen to start studying his Bachelor in the next few years and we cannot wait to see where this takes him.

Educator of the Year

Emma McCaskill, Forde

Emma has been working at Forde since Guardian took over and has proven herself to be of great value to her team. Most of her peers commented on her relationships with children and families and how she continuously upholds children’s rights. She comes to work with a smile on her face every day and has stepped up on numerous occasions. She is always keen to know more and embraces every opportunity. She currently leads the team in the Mini Movers room and in a short while will be taking some time off so she can enjoy being a mummy for a second time. We hope to see her in the new year returning to her great team of ACT educators.

Congratulations to all our winners and ACT Educators!

ACT Educators celebrating at awards night

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