1st March 2018

A Brand New Outdoor Space for Brassall

Brassall Early Learning Centre QLD

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having renovations finally come to an end. The team at Guardian Childcare & Education Brassall know the feeling as they have just finished renovations on their outdoor space – and it really was worth the wait. Outdoor environments are important for a child’s development as they provide opportunities for experiences that indoor environments may not. From exploring the weather, connecting with nature and having the space and freedom to run, children learn so much from being outdoors.

Centre Manager Liz Bartley says, “Having an environment that is readily available for the children is a great learning tool for children to understand how natural and built environments work. Children learn to develop respect for environments and resources through quality learning experiences on offer. Children also form strong connections through environments where they feel safe, secure and supported.”

Originally, outdoor area at Guardian Brassall was old and outdated with limited learning spaces for the children to explore. However, the educators made the most of what was on offer and adapted it to suit the needs of the children.

Brassall Early Learning Centre QLD

Of the brand new yard, Liz says, “We now have lots more natural grass that the children can play on. The sand pit area with the deck is a lovely place for the children to explore and the children are very interested in the creek bed and what it has to offer in regards to water play. We also have a new garden area that has been designed to enable access from both yards.”

“The children are adapting the new spaces and yard to suit their own individual interests. They find and adapt resources that stimulate their own imaginative play should they wish to not participate in planned learning experiences.”

Children at Brassall Early Learning Centre are learning about how to take care of the natural environment through quality learning and free play learning experiences. They are also building relationships with each other and resources and learning about natural occurrences.

“We also have trees that attract birds so this stimulates children’s thinking and interests around natural habitats and how it offers a home and food for birds. The children are also developing respect for the natural environment by exploring interactions between people and environments,” says Liz.

One of the most popular features of the yard is the musical area and the log stumps of different sizes where they work on gross motor development and challenge their physical capabilities. The sand pit and deck areas are also areas children love to explore.

2018 is set to be a fantastic year at Brassall Early Learning Centre. There are plans to bring a strong culture and learning around sustainability and natural environments, the team will also be looking more into developing stronger community connections and more involvement within the service.

Liz says, “We will also be looking into providing more incursions for the children of all age groups and are excited to start a gardening project with the children.”

We are looking forward to seeing what happens in 2018 with Brassall Early Learning Centre!

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