14th June 2017

A Brand New Outdoor Environment for Fox Kids

Fox Kids Early Learning Centre in Melbourne

Located in the family friendly suburb of Brighton East sits the warm and welcoming Fox Kids Early Learning Centre. The friendly team of educators are passionate about early childhood education and have developed excellent relationships with the families at the centre. Recently the Fox Kids’ outdoor environments have had a revamp, much to the joy of everyone at the centre.

The space itself is a huge improvement to the previous outdoor environment. Natural features take the place of black soft fall flooring and plastic materials, and new features include rocks, a water feature for water play, real trees, wooden decking, stepping stones and mud kitchen for sensory play. In both yards, the sandpit kitchens have been a huge hit with the children using kitchenware sourced from op shops to enhance dramatic play. The older children have been using mathematical concepts by counting the stepping stones and measuring themselves against the new trees.

Fox Kids new yard

Fox Kids Early Learning Centre in Melbourne

“The younger children in particular have been loving exploring the garden beds, walking over the stepping stones and climbing onto the larger rocks in the yard. The educators have been adding animals/dinosaurs to the areas and the Koalas love playing with them amongst the bark, rocks and plants,” says Assistant Manager Shannon Benton.

Centre Manager Yvonne Hart adds, “The nursery yard has been a hive of activity. The babies have loved crawling around the space exploring the different surfaces and textures,” which include grass, bark, leaves, sand and tiled surfaces. The big grassy hill has been busy with lots of running, crawling and tumbling down. The tunnel underneath has been a great hiding place during hide and seek games. In warmer weather the decking can be used for naps and on wet days the newly purchased wet weather clothes allow the crawlers to explore, even in the rain.

And the most popular part of the brand new space? Shannon says, “The water pump and rock stream in the big yard have been the most popular feature. The kinder children love to show the younger children how to use the pump. We collect the water in our watering cans to water the garden or add to the sandpit and mud areas.”

“We are also loving our veggie garden. Some of the kinder children have brought in seeds from home, and we have planted these and have been keeping a close eye on them as they grow. We are excited to watch the fruit begin to grow on our fruit trees, and are looking forward to some cooking experiences once they are ready to eat!”

Overall, the children have been loving exploring the new space in general and has opened up a multitude of learning opportunities for the children at the centre.

Fox Kids new yard

Fox Kids Early Learning Centre in Melbourne

Learn more about Fox Kids Early Learning Centre

To explore the brand new yards for yourself and to meet the team of wonderful educators including Centre Manager Yvonne Hart, head here to book yourself in for a tour.

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