20th March 2018

Big Learnings at Little Steps

Little Steps early learning centre

Little Steps in Sydney’s CBD has been a hive of activity over the last few months. With the introduction of cooking classes for the children as well as excursions around the bustling CBD area, children have been given many wide-ranging opportunities to learn during their time at this early learning centre in Sydney.

Centre Manager, Lauren Batger, says, “The way the children have responded to learning environments, the development and progress the children have made drives the team in each room to further scaffold learning and development.”

She goes on to say, “The educators have been working on continuing to improve the learning environments for children and have changed the documentation of the children’s program to be more visual and interactive for families. The program and the way the children interact with the environment is documented and updated daily which demonstrates the quality interactions that take place each day.”

The centre’s recent implementation of cooking classes with their cook, Fanny, has proven to be a big hit with everyone at the centre. “The cooking classes provide the opportunity for Fanny to come into the classroom and continue to build relationships with the children and for the children to be exposed to some wonderful processes and procedures and some valuable nutritional information,” says Lauren. “It was amazing to see the children eat all the fruit and vegetables that they had a hand in preparing!”

Little Steps excursions

Venturing out into the local community on excursions help children to develop their own identities and understand the world in which they are a part of. The Early Learners room took to the Museum of Contemporary Art to visit the light show exhibition. The children viewed wall displays, videos, and hanging light installations all using light and sound.

“The huge beds that the children were able to lie on saw the display become an interactive experience which encouraged the children to view things from multiple perspectives. The children were so impressed with the show that they left a special note in the guest book to thank the artist for such an enjoyable art experience,” says Lauren.

Exploring artworks that creatively use light and sound sparked conversations and questions with the children, and allowed them to see things from different perspectives.

As for the rest of the year? Lauren says they aspiring to continue to provide rich learning experiences for the children and families of Little Steps – we are looking forward to hearing about their exciting projects and excursions later in the year!

Learn More About Little Steps

To find out more about this early learning centre in Sydney’s CBD, and to book yourself in for a tour to meet the team and explore the environments, head here.

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