Animals and Artworks at Caringbah

 Posted on 10th of May 2017

The preschool children at Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah have been working on an exciting art project. Initiated from creating a literacy room in their play space, Centre Manager, Hannah Barnett says, “We’re encouraging the children to work on the transition to school. For example, pencil grip and cognitive functions as we transfer what we see in images to paper.”

This art project came about after some children at the centre saw some animals on the computer and asked if they could try their hand at drawing them. To support the children in this new project, preschool educators, Brooke and Katie set up the room with plenty of visual stimuli for the children which included lots of different photos and print outs of animals for the children to be inspired from.

Children were able to follow their own interests and draw whatever animal they wanted in a range of different materials, with the support of the educators. Through this project, the children worked with the concept of colours, shapes, space and dimensions as well as scaffolding on their existing knowledge and experiences.

These artworks are currently on display at the centre and children enjoy seeing their artworks on the walls and reflecting on the experience.

Where to next?

The educators will extend on the knowledge and skills developed in this activity by working with the children to create small learning books that contain more information about the animal they chose to draw. We’re looking forward to seeing the results from this project!

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Learn more about Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah

Guardian Early Learning Centre – Caringbah is a friendly childcare centre in Southerland Shire. The recently renovated outdoor yard provides endless opportunities for children to explore and play, while the inside spaces offer a range of resources to inspire and challenge young minds. To see the centre for yourself, book in for a tour here.

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