Acre Woods Eastwood Receives Visit from Local Fire Station

firefighters from Eastwood Fire Station showing children fire truck

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The children at Guardian Acre Woods Childcare Eastwood finished 2019 with an exciting visit from Eastwood Fire Station

Educational Leader, Bitu, shares details of the experience and what the children learnt about fire safety.

“As a result of the current bushfires in NSW, we have been teaching the children what bushfires are, how they start, what to do if there’s a bushfire in the area, and how we can help our community in times of crisis,” shares Bitu.

“When the children found out firefighters were visiting the Centre they were so excited. In the lead up to the incursion they spent many hours reading books about firefighters, painting fire engines, making cards and baking cookies for our visitors.”

“When they saw the fire engines pull up in front of the Centre, they couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces. They proudly presented their thank you cards and cookies before getting stuck into the activities and discussions.”

firefighters from Eastwood Fire Station showing children the inside of a fire truck

Members of Eastwood Fire Station discussed the importance of fire safety with the children, what to do in an emergency and who to call, and the “Get down low and go, go, go!” evacuation technique.

“The Eastwood Fire Station team began the incursion by teaching the children about the equipment firefighters need to wear, with one of them dressing in the gear so the children could see how it worked,” says Bitu.

“Then we spoke about the importance of safety if we are ever in a fire. The firefighters told the children we need to get down low and yell ‘fire, fire, fire’ and ‘go go go’ because the smoke and hot air rises to the ceiling.”

“We also sang one of our favourite songs called Beep, Beep which is about fire alarms and exiting houses safely.”

firefighters from Eastwood Fire Station teaching children fire evacuation

Next up was the opportunity to explore the inside of a fire truck. The children were shown a range of tools, including the hoses and first aid kits, and taught their specific uses in an emergency.

Before having to leave for a call out, the firefighters turned on the lights and sirens on their truck and gave a quick demonstration for the children.

The experience not only helped the children to develop a better understanding of fire safety, but also reinforced the team’s efforts to achieve several learning outcomes, including children connecting with and contributing to their world, and children having a strong sense of wellbeing.

“Having the team from Eastwood Fire Station was such a highlight for the children and one they’re still talking about a month later,” shares Bitu.

“We would like to thank Eastwood Fire Station for their time and generosity with the children. Our team values the strong community ties we are making with vital groups within our community and look forward to expanding them in 2020.”

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