12th July 2017

5 Child-friendly Things to do in Sydney this Winter

Things to do in Sydney this winter

Sydney and its surrounds are often associated with the sizzle of summer, but winter can be both fun and adventure-filled. To add some winter warmth to your weekends, we’ve put together five activities that are sure to bring some charm to your chilly season.

Fabulous Fruit Pickin’

Just a one-hour scenic drive from the city is the delightful Wisemans Ferry. While in Wisemans, make your way to Watkins Family Farm for a day amidst the mountain valley in the company of 2,000 fruit trees. Growers of magnificent mandarins, these juicy gems ripen during the winter months and the best part is, you can pick your own fresh from the orchard. You can also feed the farm pets, chat to chickens galore and enjoy the wide open space.

The Riverboat Postman

Gather the family for a cruise on the scenic Hawkesbury aboard the famous Riverboat Postman. Take in this stunning river and take part in the historical delivery service offered to residents who live in places accessible only by water. Running since 1910, this unique postal service has given rise to some sensational stories. To top it all off, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and dip in some delicious Anzac biscuits. Hop on board weekdays at 10 am, returning at 1.15 pm, except public holidays.

Lead Pony Rides

Head down to the stunning Glenworth Valley to introduce your children to horses. These gentle giants are suitable for riders aged 3-12. For the over 5s, all you need is one adult per horse so they can learn to lead the pony and then walk at your own will around the river flats that follow Popran Creek. For the 4 and unders, you’ll need 2 adults: one to lead the horse and the other to walk beside to spot them. Make sure you book ahead for your one-hour session and rest assured – you can hire helmets too.

Home Bake Off

How about hosting a bake off in your own kitchen? Get your contestants to choose their favourite cupcake recipe, then set a budget and go shopping for ingredients. Set each baker up with their own area, then press ‘go’ on a timer for one hour. Once your bakers have cooked and cooled their cupcakes, give them all 30 minutes to ice and decorate their creations. Place the finished products on the judging table without identifying whose is whose and mark each cupcake on taste (out of ten) and decoration (out of ten).

Bike Tracks

If you’ve got younger children, take them to the Sydney Park Bike Track, which is next to the car park on Sydney Park Road (opposite Mitchell Road). It’s a Tour de Sydney filled with twists, turns and challenges to build up biking confidence and learn safe riding skills. Featuring ‘stop and go’ signals, a bike pump, wider paths, hills, curves and bridges, it’s cycle-rific.

These outstanding outings will turn your winter family-time into wonder-filled fun for both you and your mini adventure-seekers. All you need is a warm beanie and some hot chocolate in a thermos and winter is all yours.

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Things to do in Sydney this winter

12th July 2017

5 Child-friendly Things to do in Sydney this Winter